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    Hello: Thank you for visiting!

    Universal Life Intertribal is a community. We focus on the religious and spiritual, although we do have a decidedly Pagan atmosphere. All paths and beliefs are welcome. Ordainment by the Universal Life Church is not required to join and participate at UL Tribal. Just the ability to accept, tolerate and respect others with different and diverse religious and spiritual beliefs.

    The discussions on our vBulletin board cover topics about religions and spirituality, but there are also a lot of discussion areas to meet with and talk to others about almost anything. Having fun is important and we feel that Tribal is a great place to meet friends worldwide, have serious discussions, or just goof off, let the air out of your shoes, and let your hair down.

    Our primary purpose is to promote religious and spiritual tolerance, as well as provide a safe harbor for people on the Internet. Today's social and environmental issues are important too. Our site also includes blogging, an arcade for members and many other features. We have a photo gallery so you can share pictures about your life with others. There are many other extras that come with membership.

    We hope that you'll decide to join us and hang around. There are a lot of people here who have been waiting to meet you!

    (*Please understand that we can't necessarily protect your political beliefs. Hopefully a quick look around will reveal that we're not mainstream, hardly conservative and definitely more liberal in intent.)


    About The Universal Life Church

    "We are now a Universal Church. What do we mean when we say we are a Universal Church? We have churches all over the world. The sun never sets on the Universal Life Church. This is why we call it a Universal Church.

    We have, within this church, a very liberal type of religion, but, we also have conservative types of people. I have never met a person that disagrees with our doctrine. We feel that our doctrine is universal. I believe that every living person is a part of the Universal Life. When they become conscious that they are a part of Universal Life, they will look for people like minded. We are sure that the Universal Life Church is the one church that satisfies the majority of people.

    We are now looking and studying to find a way that all people can come together and work for the good of all people."

    Rev. Kirby J. Hensley
    1959 - 1999

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