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    Native American Shamanism by Yamaya Cruz

    in Spirituality (submitted 2011-07-22)

    Shamanism is defined as a system of psychic, spiritual and emotional healing for the exploration and gathering of both the state of mind and non-material worlds. Anthropologists described shamanism as a technique of inducing ecstasy in which the spirit of the shaman leaves his body and travels to communicate with other spirits (through "Spirit Helpers") in order to acquire a healing power. In Native American shamanism, the healing comes as a process wherein an individual journeys to gather or bring back any information that is necessary in providing psychic, spiritual and emotional healing to the other. American shamanism effectively works through Shamanistic Journeying - a certain state of consciousness wherein a person enters a particular realm called the "non-ordinary reality". Through shamanistic journeying, a person is free to gather knowledge while healing in ways that goes beyond the ordinary reality of awakening.

    The shamanism's impact in the person's psychic/spiritual/emotional health is explained by these four views: It retains one's essence in life. The essence in life serves as your energy that helps in developing your interest in achieving goals. When you retain your essence in life, it will keep you healthy and contented with who you are. It creates a strong connection with a "Power Animal". The power animal serves as your protector that provides the wisdom, vital energy and emotional support you deserve. In order to maintain your connection with your power animal, take a lot of time to learn about your animal, feel the presence and most importantly, give honor to it. It values one's sense of purpose. Remember that a sense of purpose always leads to one thing: HAPPINESS. The intention of shamanism is to let the person have a purpose to live life. The shamanistic journeys, rituals and divinations makes a lot of sense in defining what a "real purpose" in life is.

    It requires the flow of physical/emotional energy. Your physical and emotional energy helps you accomplish your desires for the world. However, not all people can accomplish their desires due to traumatic experiences triggering them to live within the past. Anyone can practice Native American Shamanism. The basics of practicing it are explained in these four tips: Strengthen your mind, spirit and body by praying, meditating and exercising. As you body starts to strengthen, your life force starts to develop. Start taking shamanistic journeys. You can do this out of your "vision quests" or simply "out-of-body" experiences. Note: the method for taking a shamanistic journey varies for every person as time progresses and shamanistic practices continues to develop. Start travelling in behalf of other people.

    Do this once you already mastered shamanistic journeying. According to Native American tradition, a person who goes on a shamanistic journey must be particular with the location, especially where spirit helpers are predominantly present in offering psychic/spiritual/emotional healing. Always live by your constant intention of obtaining knowledge and healing from the "spirit world". As much as possible, set "shamanistic journeying goals" first. This is the basic idea behind Native American Shamanism.

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    Yamaya Cruz is the author of "When The Shadows Began To Dance."
    Available September 2011
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      Lannah -
      I would love to figure out (invoke) my animal spirits!
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